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       POLICE K9's
           Trained by Police K9 Handlers

  Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope that we can pass on some valuable information.  We specialize in training police canines for the following type agencies:  

                         1.  Starting a new canine division
                         2.  Needing specialized. trained,
                              canines for either /or/ 
                              all abilities:
                              A. Narcotics
                              B. Area/Article Search
                              C. Apprehension
                              D. Trailing (Tracking)

                         3.  Attempting to save a canine
                              division due to agency 
                              spending cut backs

                         4.  Assisting agencies in locating
                              reputable police canine 
                              vendors, in their 
                              immediate area, that have 
                              a budget to purchase
  We do not consider ourselves a police canine vendor.  We provide a service to keep canine divisions "alive" until help from future elected budget implementors realize the need for police working dogs.  In retrospect, we keep the main hallway door "propped open", so that the main vendor doors can be knocked on. 


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Caroline-A Police K9



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