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  I am currently a Patrol Lieutenant at my Sheriff's Office, supervise the K-9 Division, and supervise a platoon on the road.  I have been an actual Police K-9 Handler and Trainer for close to 20 years. Our training starts with family involvement, socialization, and Schutzhund style obedience...post narcotics.   We implement ALL aspects of training a dog. This assists in providing a custom trained dog such as passive or aggressive alerts.  We realize that ALL dogs are not the same, nor respond to one person's theory of training.  Granting, there is more than one way to get to your hometown.

  My first experience in training/handling canines was, in the mid 80's, with German Short-Haired Pointers in Oklahoma and Arkansas. This is where I started to understand the olfactory and hearing sense of a canine.  I also understood the need for play drive, prey drive, and discipline.

  I served in active duty infantry battalions, as a mortarman, Fire Direction Center member, Forward Observer for reconnaissance for over four years in the U.S. Marine Corps.  During this time I was introduced to Narcotics and Air Force Scout Canines with two combat deployments. Thereby, I have a great appreciation for our past and present war dogs.

  In 1997, I was introduced to my sheriff's office narcotics/tracking/area search canine.  I teamed with K-9 "Spark" (British Chocolate Lab), as his handler, in 1998 after re-training.  I then trained K-9 "MeDel" (German Shepherd) and handled him after "Spark" retired.  After "Del" passed away, I trained K-9 "Pia" (German Shepherd) and we were a team until her passing with cancer.  She is currently 1 of 12 Military and Police K-9's selected to be honored in the book by author, Violetta Kovacs, K9 Commando after Pia located 5 murder weapons and major apprehensions.  I am now paired with K9 Zane, and currently handle him after he obtained his full service certification.

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